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Christopher Noice at LAX

El Capitan Theater, Hollywood, CA

Christopher and Kristin
The Golden Trailer Awards

Okay, okay, here’s what happened. After a knock down, drag out karaoke war with some old friends the night before, I headed to Hollywood with my hippest casuals, a ticket to the El Capitan theater, 45 minutes of sleep after 4 beers, and “Secret Agent Man” ringing in my ears. Southwest Air was no help, as the “direct flight” made 3 stops on the way.

Once there, I met a lot of fun, interesting trailer editors from around the world, then settled into my seat. Joined by Kristin, our attorney Irwin Wittlin, and actress and producer Kathy Garver, I was a bit disappointed to see that they had re-edited our trailer in a – how shall I say it – very interesting way, with the punchline first! We received a good bit of applause and laughter (in the right places), but alas, we didn’t take home the award.

The winning entry was certainly deserving – very ambitious – but I still think our movie looked like the most interesting in our category. Regardless, it was still a thrill to be nominated, to hear the disembodied woman’s voice on the PA softly introduce our clip, “Soupernatural – Candlejump Productions”, and to see those gorgeous images on the big screen.

Thanks to everyone for all their interest, support and best wishes. On to the raising of the money!!! --cn

Soupernatural Trailer up for Golden Trailer Award

The trailer for Soupernatural has been nominated for a Golden Trailer Award in the category "Best Trailer, No Movie." According to Golden Trailer organizers, "Movie trailers play an increasingly important role in entertaining us and helping us determine where to spend our leisure time. The best trailers are works of art in their own right, expertly blending elements of cinema and advertising.

The Golden Trailer Awards recognize the creative people who make movie trailers, and the best--and occasionally the worst--examples of their unique art. The Trailer Awards are a yearly open competition where all are invited to submit their work."

Christopher Noice

Julie Matthews

Bruce Drennan

Soupernatural Hits the Airwaves

Producers Julie Matthews and Christopher Noice appeared today on WKNR's "Mornings With Drennan" - Bruce Drennan's award-winning morning drive talk show.

In addition to talking extensively about the status of the film, Christopher sang the show's theme song, and Julie explained financial details for potential investors. Callers to the Sports/Movie based talk show commented on Drennan's acting abilities, showed great interest in the movie's release, and expressed concern for the Browns' inconsistent offense.

Drennan, who will play Kelly's boss Bob in the film, is a member of the Ohio Radio/TV Broadcasters' Hall of Fame, and recently won an A.I.R. Award for Best Talk Show Host.


Local director Christopher Noice has uploaded the trailer to Soupernatural, a planned 35mm Cleveland feature, to the internet. Area talent agent and screenwriter Julie Matthews helped concoct the drama about "what happens in a small-town newsroom when what appears to be a spiritual miracle is caught on tape" and competing reporters scramble to cover the blessed event. Check out for clips that include Kevin Max, Kristin Richardson, Mark Goddard, Lou Ferrigno, Pat Priest, Butch Patrick and other famous faces joining Cleveland sports announcer Bruce Drennan. Investors are still sought to get on board the $600,000 project; to make contact and request a business plan, phone 330-467-0577, or e-mail
-Charles Cassidy Jr.


Really, this entry should be predated as of December, but it's still worth mentioning. After months of work, we were able to finish our trailer, which has now been added to this site. A lot of very talented and dedicated people contributed their time, equipment, energy, expertise, and especially patience, and for that we would like to sincerely thank them all. Without their help - obviously - this could never have happened. Thanks again, everybody. I think we all had fun, and let's hope to do it again on a larger scale very soon. -cn


Candlejump Productions, LLC has launched a website for Soupernatural, an independent film set to begin production in 2001. The film, which is to be shot on 35mm film in the Akron / Cleveland, OH area, will include some exciting new talent and quite a few familiar faces as well. We've already done a lot of work on this project - including the preview trailer that will be a part of this site - and we'll update you on all of this sometime soon. In the future, we hope to keep you informed of all the news, developments, and twists and turns that we're sure will occur along the way. Thank you for visiting, and be sure to check this news page for frequent updates. -cn

BROWN'S TOWN : The Plain Dealer

Say hello to Bruce Drennan... MOVIE STAR! Drennan, who recently left WTAM, has been cast as a hard-driving TV station news director in the upcoming film "Soupernatural". The movie details how a small town reacts when a mystical vision in captured on video, and should start shooting next March. Also in the flick: former TV stars Pamela Sue Martin, Mark Goddard, Lou Ferrigno, and Butch Patrick.
- Roger Brown


Local talent agent and screenwriter Julie Matthews (producer and hostess of the well-remembered cable show Cleveland Rocks from 1986-1991) is seeking local investors to line up for Soupernatural, a proposed 35mm SAG-authorized feature set in the Cleveland-Akron areas. She sums up Soupernatural as "what happens in a small town newsroom when what appears to be a spiritual miracle has been caught on tape." Her company, Candlejump Productions, is seeking investors to help raise the $600,000 budget and get the project rolling with actors Kevin Max, Kristin Richardson, Mark Goddard, Lou Ferrigno, Pat Priest, Butch Patrick and other famous faces. An executive producer's credit awaits those investors who get on board.
-Chris Cassady