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We have chosen songs for the Soupernatural Soundtrack featuring these Recording Artists:
Danny Powers Dc talk Debi Lewin
The Holograms Kevin Richardson Denis Gagne
Kevin Max Jennifer Lee

Danny Powers
Soundtrack Composer/ Musical Supervisor

Danny joined The Michael Stanley Band in 1982 where he had the opportunity to tour the country playing on stages with countless rock legends such as Ringo Starr, Heart, 38 Special, Asia, Michael McDonald, Joe Walsh, Eddie Money and Donny Iris to name a few. With MSB he has recorded on 9 albums, performed in music videos and has made many television appearances including Solid Gold and American Bandstand. In 1988 Danny began producing records in Los Angeles, where he worked on music for many artists including Cock Robin and Jennifer Love-Hewitt. In 1996 he headed to Germany to record an album and tour with his own band, The Holograms. Over the years Danny has had the opportunity to work with some of his favorite players including Eddie Jobson (Roxy Music, Jethro Tull, Frank Zappa), Pat Masttelato (King Crimson, Mister, Mister), Pete Beckett (Alan Parsons), Paul Morris (Rainbow), Fernando Saunders (Jeff Beck, Jan Hammer), J.T. Lewis (Herbie Hancock, Lou Reed) and recently Yes’ Alan White. Danny has had his songs appear in several films including "Out Of Darkness" starring Diana Ross, "Love Potion No. 9 " starring Sandra Bullock, "Kiss Of A Killer" starring Annette O'Toole and "A Killing In Beverly Hills: The Story Of The Menendez Brothers". Danny has been the anchor guitarist each year for the Tribe Jam, featuring musical talents of the Cleveland Indians and the Browns Jam, which includes the musical talents of The Cleveland Browns. Danny performed on and Co-produced the record, THE C.A.R.E. SESSION featuring the single, "Eyes Of The Children" with such illustrious rockers as Ben Orr (The Cars), Rickie Medlocke (Lynyrd Skynyrd, Blackfoot), Joe Vitale (Eagles, Joe Walsh), Skip Martin (Dazz Band) and the Raspberries among others. He continues to play lead guitar for Michael Stanley and The Resonators and is currently composing music for a television series, as well as writing and recording music for his own solo record (isn't it funny, we still call them "records").

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The Holograms

1996 found Danny Powers' time heavily-invested in the studio in both Los Angeles and Germany, where he and co-singer/co-songwriter, Fran Lucci, comprised the European pop group, The Holograms.

"Thank You Whatever Comes", recorded at Karo Studios in Brackel, Germany, was released in 1996 by German label CBH Records GmbH, and a European tour followed that would keep the Holograms on the road for many months...

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Kevin Max

Kevin Max, best known as the enigmatic member of the band dcTalk (EMI CMG), has found the courage and freedom to take another step outside the box to create an album for the world stage that is innovative, provocative, and entertaining.

In the fall of 2005, Kevin Max will release the highly anticipated album titled The Imposter on Northern Records. Produced by Andrew D. Prickett (The Violet Burning, Holly Nelson, and The Lassie Foundation) and Kevin Max, The Imposter contains a sound that recalls the passion of early U2, the soul of Jeff Buckley, and the ambiguity of Blur. It sonically rivals the larger-than-life persona of Kevin Max himself while it reveals his most humble and transparent songwriting to date, lyrically exploring the influences of Brennan Manning and Bob Dylan. There are songs of love and faith and doubt and fear in a variety of authentic musical expressions. They range from pop to fusion, but the album maintains a consistent rock influence throughout. The lyrical theme is imperfection and often touches on the disparity between what we want others to see and who we really are inside.

After relocating to Los Angeles from Nashville, Kevin Max signed with Northern Records and CAA in Beverly Hills and since has been in sessions with an impressive list of writers and producers. Although the writing for this record was more personal in nature and Kevin ultimately collaborated largely with producer and co-writer Andrew D. Prickett on the new record, part of the perspective gained in the preparation for this record included work with Mark Hudson (Aerosmith), Van Dyke Parks (Brian Wilson), Dominic Miller (Sting), Warren Cuccurullo (Missing Persons & Duran Duran), and Nick Rhodes (Duran Duran).

As one-third of dcTalk, Kevin Max has sold over 8 million records worldwide, won four Grammy Awards, and had a Top 40 pop hit with “Just Between You and Me” (Virgin), which also received significant airplay on VH1 and MTV. The Imposter, the long-awaited follow-up to his first solo album, Stereotype Be (Forefront/EMI CMG), comes on the heels of an EP that was recently made available independently called “Between the Fence and the Universe” which marks the path from Stereotype Be to The Imposter. In addition, Kevin Max has also published two books of poetry as well as a poetry album that includes accompaniment by Adrian Belew (King Crimson). Kevin has been actively performing live, including shows with the Psychedelic Furs, The Young Dubliners, The Church, and Rich Robinson of The Black Crowes, as well as a recent tour of Europe and shows in South America and New Zealand.

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Like modern-day musical Lewis and Clarks, the three members of dc talk have spent more than a decade exploring uncharted territory. Along the way, this acclaimed and best-selling band of pioneering musicians has transformed the Christian music industry and broken down the walls. Their albums have mixed rock, rap and pop in previously unimaginable ways, winning numerous Grammy and Dove awards in the process. Their energetic concerts have continually broken new ground for rock performance and theatrics. Their video and film projects have expanded the boundaries of music and movies. Now, Toby McKeehan, Michael Tait and Kevin Max are taking time to reflect on the many miles they have traveled and the many musical and ministry milestones they have passed.

Dc talk has already achieved so much in such a short time. And contrary to recurring rumors, they aren't breaking up.Rather, Toby, Michael and Kevin are taking a moment to stop, look back, and celebrate the mysteries of both God and the music biz before heading out on their next exciting venture into uncharted territory. Toby McKeehan was a white rapper who began rapping under the name "dc talk", a name given to him because he was from the the Washington D.C. area. Toby, and Michael Tait became friends while attending Jerry Falwell's Liberty University in the mid-eighties in Lynchburg, Virginia. They began making music together, and later Kevin Max (formerly Kevin Smith) joined them. They called the group "dc talk and The One Way Crew". The group released a demo tape and traveled around the DC area. After signing with ForeFront Records in 1989, they changed the groups name back to simply dc talk.

After their record contract, the guys moved to Tennessee, and released their self-titled debut album. Although, the moniker dc talk was originally chosen as a reference to Washington, D.C., ForeFront promoted the initials as standing for "decent Christian," as a marketing effort to appeal to new listeners. Shortly after being signed, dc talk released dc talk in 1989. This self-titled rap album was one of the first in Christian music, and it put dc talk in a class of their own. Nu Thang, the group's next album, was released in 1990. Distribution of both records was achieved mainly through Christian channels; dc talk had sold over 100,000 copies, and Nu Thang surpassed that, but the band was just beginning to tap into a wider market. In 1991 dc talk toured with Michael W. Smith, one of Christian music's best-selling artists, as his opening act. Following the release of their Rap, Rock, n' Soul video, the group began to gain a larger audience.

The success of the band's third album, Free At Last, reflected the surge in popularity of dc talk's sound. This album moved dc talk from a strictly rap act to a more pop act. Their new sound helped prompt high sales of the 1992 release, and the album went platinum. Free At Last dominated the Billboard CCM sales chart in 1993, holding at #1 for 34 weeks. The 1994 Grammy Award for Best Rock Gospel Album was awarded to dc talk for Free At Last, securing their place in Christian music history.

When dc talk released their pre-album single, Jesus Freak in 1995, the group changed the initials in the group name from capitol "DC" to "dc". Along with their name, they changed their sound. When Jesus Freak, dc talk's fourth album, was released in 1995 it took the group to a whole new level. Their focus on the album was toward deeper, personal lyrics and a more rock/alternative sound with less rap. Mike Tait was quoted in Billboard: "I feel that the core fan will continue to support us, and because of the material on this album, I think we'll gain new fans."

He couldn't have been more right. When Jesus Freak released it broke the first week sales record in Christian music (which has since been broken) and was by far the group's biggest album. The album soon went platinum. International fame soon followed. dc talk toured the United States Europe in 1996, discovering a devout following in European countries. While dc talk's fan base continued to grow, the music industry recognized the need for better promotion of their less commercial type of music. The growing success rate of Christian music astounded distributors who scrambled to cash in. In November of 1996, dc talk signed a deal allowing Virgin Records to handle the secular distribution of their recordings. Their Christian distribution remained with ForeFront Records. The split was a result of dc talk's popularity with the mainstream audience, and Virgin Records' ability to reach that sector through both retail and radio channels. McKeehan was quoted as responding to the deal in Billboard: "Our main hope in the Virgin situation is that they can be that promotion and marketing arm into the mainstream that we've never had. We've always wanted our art to be out there for the world to hear, and this is a dream come true for us."

In 1997 dc talk released a live video titled Live in Concert: Welcome To The Freak Show. It was recorded during their US Jesus Freak Tour; it included many of the same songs as Jesus Freak and a few cover songs. An album of the same title soon followed, including a few more songs than the video.

In 1998 dc talk unleashed their fifth album, Supernatural, the follow-up to their platinum-plus 1995 breakthrough Jesus Freak. Supernatural does have a few obvious distinction from their past albums. Michael Tait explains, "This is the first record we've ever written together so that makes it more of a collective vision than ever before. " The album also abandons all traces of rap and sticks with the rock/pop sound. It has had great success so far. It debuted at #4 on the Billboard Top 200 Chart (the highest of any Christian rock artist) , and broke the record for the highest selling Christian album in the first week of sales. In a short 6 months the album went gold.

The next year dc talk embarked on their Supernatural Experience Tour. In this 60+ city tour , they played many major venues. Many of the concerts were sellouts, and the tour was a definite success. In the fall of '99, the band released a book they had written titled Jesus Freaks about Christian martyrs. They got help from The Voice of The Martyrs, a Christian martyr organization. In November 1999, dc talk released their 4th long-form video, titled The Supernatural Experience. It could be called a combination of their previous two videos. It contains interviews, music videos, and footage from their Supernatural Experience Tour.

The year 2000 brought a break in dc talk action. There were numerous rumors circulating regarding a dc talk breakup, or Kevin leaving the band. dc talk quickly shot down rumors and announced the release of a best-of album titled Intermission: The Greatest Hits that hit stores on November 21. Toby, Michael, and Kevin took the time off to pursue solo efforts and all three planned to release albums in 2001.

In 2001, dc talk released an EP in April title Solo, an EP that featured two songs from each of the guys' upcoming solo efforts and a live version of dc talk's concert favorite, 40. Tait, Michael Tait's band released an album in June, Kevin Max released an album in August, and Toby, under the moniker "TobyMac", released a solo album in October.

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Kevin Richardson

Almost a decade after his life as a Backstreet Boy began, Kevin Richardson is as humble as he was the day it all started. Enjoying the moments and embracing the opportunities, Kevin has undoubtedly come a long way but he still holds close the people and memories that have helped guide him to this place in his life.

A native of Lexington, Kentucky, Kevin grew up singing in church, playing sports and enjoying the outdoors. Music was always a constant and as a teenager he was often seen jotting down lyrics or playing the piano. In high school, he was involved with activities ranging from musicals to football. His desire for perfection led him to success in everything he did and helped him develop a work ethic and personal versatility that would drive his future successes.

In the early 1990’s, after graduating from high school, Kevin moved to Orlando, Florida to pursue performing opportunities. It was in Orlando that Kevin met up with Nick, Howie and AJ and together they formed the Backstreet Boys. Soon after becoming a group, Kevin invited his cousin Brian to join and the rest is Backstreet history. Since the Backstreet Boys began they have seen record sales of over 65 million albums world wide, have sold out countless tours and have received a multitude of awards acknowledging their exceptional harmonies and contributions to pop culture.

Kevin has also become an active advocate of colon cancer awareness and prevention, a cause that has become particularly important to him since losing his father, Jerald Wayne Richardson, to the disease in 1991. In 2001, Kevin joined several congresspeople, including Congresswoman Slaughter of New York, on Capitol Hill to introduce the “Eliminate Colorectal Cancer Act.” This was established to promote early detection and treatment of colon cancer.

In 2003 Kevin made his Broadway acting debut as the super-smooth lawyer Billy Flynn in the musical “Chicago" (a role he also played on the London West End stage and at San Francisco’s Golden Gate Theatre). In addition to his work in “Chicago,” Kevin also performed in several regional theatrical productions during his hiatus from Backstreet.

Kevin also founded the Just Within Reach Foundation (JWRF) – an organization bearing the initials of his late father - dedicated to providing education and promoting personal responsibility for keeping the environment clean of potential cancer-causing pollutants and toxins. Kevin has worked tirelessly the past several years to help further the goals of JWRF, including participating in the Olympic Torch Relay in honor of the foundation and testifying before a Congressional committee. Through the foundation, Kevin has also distributed over a dozen scholarships to environmental science majors and has worked with National Geographic to make an educational video on heroes in American history.

Moving forward Kevin hopes to continue his outreach by lending his voice, time and passion to the Natural Resources Defense Council and Kentuckians For The Commonwealth. Currently, Kevin resides in Los Angeles with his wife, Kristin, and is preparing for the release of a new Backstreet Boys album in June of 2005.

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Jennifer Lee

A provocative blend of innocence and sophistication — that’s Jennifer Lee. While presenting herself with great style and class, Jennifer maintains a warm and unpretentious demeanor which enables her to connect deeply with her audience. "Connection is what it’s all about," says Jennifer. "Connection with my band and connection with the listener. That’s what creates the magic. The greater the connection, the more magical the experience for everyone involved." And connect she does, with sincerity and a perpetual sense of wonder.

Rooted in the straight-ahead jazz tradition, this San Francisco Bay Area-based vocalist has developed a style all her own. With her warm, lovely voice, extraordinary musicality and hip sense of time, Jennifer brings each song uniquely to life. On an up-tempo tune, she really swings. On a ballad, she sings with a depth of emotion that pays homage to the music and the lyric.

In addition to her love of straight-ahead jazz, Jennifer has a strong affinity for the music of Brazil. When she sings bossa novas and sambas in Portuguese (with a near-perfect Brazilian accent) and accompanies herself on guitar, you can almost feel the warm sands of Ipanema beneath your feet.

Jennifer discovered her passion for music as a child, studying piano and guitar. She played piano in her college jazz band and accompanied other singers before realizing her own gift for vocal interpretation. Her extensive experience as an instrumentalist affords Jennifer a thorough understanding of the harmonic intricacies of the music she sings. This knowledge, along with her natural aptitude for musical expression, make for a remarkable talent.

These days Jennifer does a lot of stand-up singing when she performs. Most nights, however, she accompanies herself on at least a few tunes. And, when she does, it's with a simple elegance and sweetness. "Lee knows how to drop a jaw with her rhythm ease on guitar," says Jean Bartlett of the Pacifica Tribune.

J-Walkin’, released in 2003, is Jennifer’s debut release as featured vocalist. While incorporating many elements of straight-ahead jazz, this recording also takes several wide steps outside of that realm. The collection includes Brazilian songs, originals, a heavily funkified arrangement of Frank Loesser’s "The Inchworm" and a spoken-word piece, among other things.

Mad-Kat recording artist Kitty Margolis says of this CD, "In the best recordings, the essence of the artist’s individual spirit is revealed clearly. Having known Jennifer for many years now I can say that on this disc, the above is true in spades. Thoughtful, gentle, classy, sweet with a mischievous streak…these qualities are all part of Jennifer and she shares them with us beautifully."

Jennifer’s core trio on J-Walkin’ features guitarist Peter Sprague, bassist Bob Magnusson, and percussionist Tommy Aros. Peter Sprague, winner of numerous San Diego music awards, has performed with such players as Chick Corea, Eddie Harris, Dori Caymmi and Al Jarreau. Bob Magnusson is an alumnus of the Buddy Rich band. He also toured with Sarah Vaughn in the 70s and has recorded with the likes of Hank Jones, Cedar Walton and Tommy Flanagan, to name just a few.

Jennifer’s first released recordings were part of a compilation entitled Quint-Essential, a collection that is unique in both content and form. Jennifer’s selections on this recording feature three of the Bay Area’s finest instrumentalists: guitarist Jeff Buenz, bassist John Shifflett, and drummer Jason Lewis. This superb trio creates a musical landscape that is the perfect playground for Jennifer’s rich, sultry vocals.

Quint-Essential, which also includes the work of vocalists Shanna Carlson, Sharman Duran, Jenna Mammina, and Cathi Walkup, is the musical equivalent of a lovely and playful mosaic. "Five wonderfully unique, distinctive voices. Fifteen marvelous songs. One remarkable CD," says Wayne Saroyan of JazzWest. "These five women have crafted a singular work of music that celebrates the intrinsic beauty of each song, transcending the familiar and illuminating the sublime. A quintessential CD for lovers of jazz."

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Debi Lewin

Born and raised in the rock and roll city of Cleveland, Ohio, Debi  Lewin has more than 25 years of experience in Show Business as a professional singer, entertainer, dancer, band manager and  producer.  Debi’s knowledge of music comes from a history of three generations of musicians. The Lewin family  is recognized for their vast musical backgrounds spanning from classical and theatrical to rock and roll.

Debi started her career in 1980, in musical theater. Starring in such productions as Evita, playing the notorious Eva Peron, Cassie in A Chorus Line and also producing and performing in many Broadway reviews and One Woman Shows.    Moving from genre to genre and singing in four languages,  gives her many years of understanding that all forms of music are wonderful.

Performing in Las Vegas with Wayne Newton at the Sand’s Hotel and on the Jerry Lewis Telethon has been one of the many highlights of her career.  She also had the opportunity  to perform in Vegas at Caesar’s Palace, The Aladdin, Sahara, Stratosphere and The Riviera Hotel.

From co-hosting a radio show in Cleveland on 1300 WERE and managing and performing in “The Cover Girls” voted No. 1 band in  Cleveland, Debi has also had the pleasure of performing with or doing background vocals for Andy Kim, Ron Dante, The  Scintas, Eric Carmen, Mitch Ryder, Chris Montez, Felix Cavaliere, Maxine Nightingale, Southside Johnny and the beat goes on.  She also had the pleasure to produce a few shows for Sonny Geraci of “The Outsiders”, and recently performed with Paul Shaffer and the DAVID LETTERMAN Band at The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Currently Debi performs in Cleveland and across the country with the nationwide popular Pink Floyd tribute  band, “Wish You Were Here”, as well as, singing background vocals for different artists including BEAUCOUP and SOUVENIR.  She shares the spotlight with fellow vocalist Jennifer Lee in THE COVER GIRLS and DISCO DIVAS, and she continues to perform her cabaret act, occasionally performing with her very talented brother, Dennis Lewin.   Debi Lewin’s CD “A Woman of Standards” is aired on radio station 91.5 in Cleveland.

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Denis Gagne

Since 1994, DENIS GAGNE has traveled the globe performing the role of PETER GABRIEL in the world-renowned show, THE MUSICAL BOX. Impersonating over 15 characters with his enchanting voice and entertaining stage antics, his impeccable portrayal of a young Peter Gabriel stuns audiences and critics alike. 

Denis has played on legendary stages in over 72 European, US, South American and Canadian cities, to sold out audiences in more than 17 countries.  He has consistently toured with The Musical Box for over 14 years, with nearly 600 performances played to over a half million fans. He has performed in some of the world’s most prestigious concert halls such as London’s ROYAL ALBERT HALL, Liverpool’s PHILHARMONIC HALL,Birmingham’s HIPPODROME THEATRE, Nottingham’s ROYAL CENTRE, Glasgow’s CLYDE AUDITORIUM,  Paris’ OLYMPIA, Montreal’s BELL CENTER, Frankfurt’s JAHRHUNDERTHALLE, and the majestic PABST THEATER in Millwaukee, to name a few.

Teaming up with Musical Director, Sebastien Lamonthe and Artistic Director, Serge Morissette, Denis has collaborated on the production side as well. Not only a critically acclaimed vocalist and theatrical performer, he has been an integral force behind the impressive historical recreations of the Gabriel-era Genesis concerts conceived and executed by The Musical Box.  With an incredible amount of dedication, research and commitment to accuracy,  he has meticulously staged, blocked and choreographed all the shows, which include FOXTROT, SELLING ENGLAND BY THE POUND and THE LAMB LIES DOWN ON BROADWAY. Production Credits for these shows include staging, props, scenery, lighting design, costuming, masks, model making, makeup and instrumental authenticity.   Denis has also made creative contribution to the artwork, art design, text writing and editing for promotional materials and merchandising.

Beyond singing, Denis plays the flute, oboe, piano, guitar and all bass instruments, as well as, various percussion instruments.  He has had the pleasure to play on the same stage with Italian prog rock pioneers, Premiata Forneria Marconi (PFM), as well as, Genesis rock legends, Phil Collins and Steve Hackett.

Denis Gagne has been the subject of hundreds of featured articles, interviews and reviews in major newspapers and magazines all over the  world, which include The Chicago Sun Times, The NC News Observer, The Raleigh Spectator,, (US), The Ontario Kingston Whig-Standard, The Toronto Globe and Mail, (CA), The Liverpool Daily Post, The London Times, (UK), Tribune de Geneva (France), Suedkurier (Germany) and Tutto Magazine (Italy), to name just a few.  He has been featured on numerous national and international radio stations, talk shows and NEWS broadcasts including the CBC (Canada), the BBC (UK) and on ABC, NBC and FOX (US).

Denis attended College at Cegep de Drummondville where he studied classical music, specifically Voice and Double Bass. He can speak many languages including French, English, German and Italian.  Additionally, he can speak fluent English with several accents including French and British.  He enjoys outdoor activities such as boating, swimming, water skiing and motorcycling.  Currently, Denis is touring with the Musical Box and will be playing a role and lending his voice to the soundtrack for the upcoming feature film, SOUPERNATURAL.


“Denis Gagne is a treat to watch...”

“Denis Gagne as Gabriel had the audience enthralled...”

“...the guy who plays Peter Gabriel is brilliant...”

“...where Gabriel would have struggled against the limits of his voice, singer Gagne’s voice was unwavering throughout...”

“...I am studying every look, every gesture, every expression on the face of Denis, aka Peter.  The result is just incredible!  Every move makes us think of having a young Peter Gabriel in front of us…”

“When I first saw Denis Gagne performing with The Musical Box,
I thought he was a great actor, that he was playing a great interpretation of Peter Gabriel on stage, and hoped that he would be in movies.” 

Denis Gagne can be found at:

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